High Design Dog Houses Win Seattle Competition

Luxe Magazine's first annual Barkitecture Dog House Construction and Garden Landscape competition took place recently at the Seattle Design Center and brought out some of the area's top architects, builders, interior designers and landscape architects. And this wasn't just a chance for these professionals to show off their skills -- the dog houses were auctioned off at the end of the night to raise money for the Seattle Humane Society and Children’s PlayGarden!

Luxe Barkitecture Dog House Design Competition

Credit: Nathan Good Architects

Judges' Choice: Best Overall Design

Team Tyler Engle Architects took home the coveted Best in Show: Best Dog House award with a dog house featuring a rail that allowed expansion of the covered space, allowing owners to cool or warm the space with the sun.

Sponsor: Loewen Windows by Windows, Doors & More.

Credit: Nathan Good Architects PC

People's Choice: Best Overall Dog House & Garden

Although the judges did an admirable job, the people had some work to do too, and we think they did well in selecting Team Balance Associates Architects' submission as the People's Choice for Best Overall Dog House and Garden. The dog house featured a green roof, operable doors that doubled as shade or weather protection, and one wall constructed as a gabion of tennis balls. Clever!

Sponsor: Dunn Lumber

Credit: Nathan Good Architects PC

Best Traditional Design

The Best Traditional Design award went to Team AKJ Architects for this creation. Doesn't it feel homey? We could curl up for a cat nap in there -- or is that not allowed in a dog house?

Sponsor: Wood-Mode Cabinetry

Credit: Nathan Goode Architects

Best Modern House

Team Stuart Silk Architects were judged to have the Best Modern House of the bunch. With two levels and a roof designed to catch rainwater for the water dish, it's easy to see why! This submission also took home two awards for the garden -- Best Overall and Best Water Feature.

Sponsors: Keller Supply Company and Kohler Co., Green Paw and Crystal Springs

Credit: Nathan Good Architects

Best Work of Art

This stunning dog house, by Team Ripple Design Studios, was awarded Best Work of Art. The team took a slightly different approach than most of the entrants, creating an indoor dog bed perfect for the stylish urban dog owner.

Sponsor: Pental Granite & Marble

Credit: Nathan Good Architects PC

Most Sustainable Garden

Team Graham Baba Architects went in with a green theme and it paid off, earning them a Most Sustainable nod for their garden.

Sponsor: Nature's Best

Credit: Nathan Good Architects PC

Best Rock Garden

Team DeForest put together a contemporary box with a green roof and, as the award they won would indicate, a lovely rock garden.

Sponsor: Rocky Raccoon

Credit: Nathan Good Architects PC

AOME Architects

Team AOME Architects created a magnificent and romantic castle fit for a princess! The only downside is that, as Good notes, the entry is small, so big dogs need not apply. Still, we can think of a few petite pups who could easily squeeze into that luxurious hideaway!

Credit: Nathan Good Architects PC

Castanes Architects

Team Castanes Architects' submission featured a large roof to harvest rainwater and provide ample shade, as well as a single steel column to provide support -- a detail that Good believes was underappreciated by many in attendance.

Credit: Nathan Good Architects PC

Demitriou Architects

The sculptural dog house Team Demetriou Architects created definitely had dog owners in mind with features like an automatic dog feeding and watering system along with a rainwater collection system.

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