Honolulu Zoo Says Aloha to Trio of Lovable Lions

a zookeeper holding a cub
Claire Fukumoto, Honolulu Zoo
A keeper holds one of the three lively cubs at the Honolulu Zoo.

Don’t you just want to squeeze this feisty little cub? Native to South Africa, three Transvaal lion cubs were born to mom Moxy and dad Ekundu on Dec. 15 at Hawaii’s Honolulu Zoo.

The two females weighed in at 7.36 pounds and 6.92 pounds, while their brother was 8.11 pounds, reported Zooborns.

The zoo says the three are thriving under Moxy’s care, and the zoo expects to introduce them to their exhibit in mid-March.

The species, also known as the Southeast lion, can live up to 30 years in captivity.

two cubs
Claire Fukumoto, Honolulu Zoo
Two of the three cubs born at the Honolulu Zoo in December.

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