How Can I Teach My Hyper Dog to Calm Down?

Play games. Some Goldens will play chasing games for hours. Have your dog fetch a ball or get her engaged in a different chase game, like running after a toy that resembles prey, such as the Chase-It. Dog sports like scenting, agility, Rally-O and Flyball are other options. Put kibble in food puzzles to keep her mind active during meal time as she tries to crack the code on a variety of toys.

Socialize with other dogs. Doggy day care and the dog park are other valuable ways of releasing energy for dog-friendly dogs, because they help your dog exercise both mentally and physically as she interacts with other canines.

Teach impulse control. Train your dog to be calmer with exercises such as sitting when greeting, waiting for the food bowl, waiting at the door and leave it.

It’s important to talk to your veterinarian about concerns over your dog’s energy level, since some medical issues can contribute to hyperactivity. Sometimes a referral to a veterinary behaviorist is needed, as there is the possibility of more complicated behavior problems.


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