How to Find the Best Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

Medical Care and Special Services

While you hate to think that anything would go wrong while your dog is staying at the kennel, it is crucial that you ask how the facility handles medical emergencies. Does the kennel have a veterinarian on call, or are sick or injured pets taken elsewhere for care? If you want your dog to see only his veterinarian, look for a kennel that will take your dog to your specific vet if an emergency arises during your vet's office hours. If you may be unreachable during an emergency, make sure to leave the name and number of someone you trust to make decisions about your dog's medical care. It’s also good to ask about the facility’s insurance — some places do not carry any, and you will be asked to sign a waiver agreeing to cover any needed medical care that results from an incident at the facility.

If your pet has ongoing medical needs, be sure that the facility has an organized system for delivering medications or treatments at the proper time. Certain facilities will charge for extra care, so be sure to ask beforehand to avoid surprises when you return. In the same way, if your pet requires any other extra services, such as training, bathing or grooming, opt for a boarding facility able to provide for these needs while you’re away.

Finally, take the time to do a background check. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been complaints against a kennel, and find out how it has done on any required city or state health inspections. Online customer reviews can also be helpful if you are interested in other pet owners’ experiences with a facility.


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