IKEA Advertises Adoptable Dogs in Two Singapore Showrooms

Two IKEA stores in Singapore are inspiring their customers to bring home more than furniture.

By placing cardboard cutouts of dogs who are up for adoption throughout their stores, they’re encouraging their shoppers to give a four-legged friend a place in their home.

The retailer, which has stores all over the world, teamed up with the Singapore animal shelters Save Our Street Dogs and Animal Lovers League for the Home for Hope promotion. The IKEA locations now have 26 life-size cutouts of dogs who need homes sitting in their showrooms until June 6, reports Fast Company.

They sit on chairs, beg to get on the bed and hang out by the couch — much like the real thing.

And to make it even easier to facilitate a match, each of the cutouts wears a QR tag on its collar that takes the potential adopter to a website with details about and videos of the dog.

“IKEA is really happy to kick-start this Home for Hope initiative because we find that it’s really a very refreshing and unique way to encourage Singaporeans to adopt homeless dogs,” said IKEA Assistant Marketing Manager Sandra Keasberry.

Now, other major furniture brands in Singapore are opening their showrooms to the idea, too. Although, we can't imagine any other furniture store offering such fun name inspiration! If no pooches wind up with names like Svorkn or Djerbn, we're going to be a wee bit disappointed.

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