Instagrammer @fetchingimages Is the Next Best Thing to a Pocket Dog

Sometimes the only thing that makes a hard day better is a snuggle with your favorite canine friend. Unfortunately, most of us cannot take our best furry buddies with us everywhere. So what do you do when you need a little puppy love to keep you going? You check out the fantastic images of dogs in @fetchingimages' Instagram feed. We promise you'll feel happier immediately.

@fetchingimages is the work of professional photographer Mel Hammons, who describes herself as a "Shih Tzu mom." Her Fetching Images feed (an awesome play on fetching as in retrieving and fetching as in lovely) is full of adorable dogs — and an occasional cat — all shot with a pro's eye and and a dog lover's sensibility.

Follow her for your daily dose of doggie cute.

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