Is a House Call Vet the Right Choice for You?


Although it may seem like a throwback to the olden days, house calls in veterinary medicine never went away. In fact, they're actually becoming more relevant in modern veterinary practice.

House calls can offer many advantages for pets and owners:

Easier Hospice Care

Some modern veterinary house call practices offer a full spectrum ofservices, including end-of-life care. That’s because transporting the old, frail and infirm to and from a vet's office isn’t easy — especially when it comes to hospice care, which often requires frequent trips for fluid therapy, pain injections, bandage changes and other treatments.

No Stressful Travel

Just getting in the car or a carrier can be the worst part of the vet visit for a significant percentage of pets. House calls eliminate that issue.

Unique Insight

Since we’re able to observe pets at home in their natural condition, we have an opportunity to evaluate them as they normally behave. We’re also able to witness how their owners interact with them, offering us invaluable insights into wellness issues that we may not fully understand otherwise.

Personalized Care

Being in your house means that we get to know you in ways that we’d almost certainly miss out on in a traditional exam room setting, which inevitably translates into more individualized care going forward.

Improved Safety

Let’s be honest — we’re largely unable to control a lot of what happens in the waiting room. Getting loose is, by far, my biggest concern. Imagine your freaked-out pet streaking across a busy parking lot.

Some dogs can also be extremely aggressive in tight spaces — especially when it comes to interacting with other dogs. Aggression toward cats and would-be petters isn't unheard of in a veterinary environment, either.


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