Is My Pet Sick or Just Getting Older?

Keeping Your Pets Young

Sadly, there is no fountain of youth for either you or your pet, but there are things pet owners can do to keep their favorite fur baby around for as long as possible.

  • Don’t assume changes in your pet’s behavior, activity or appetite are “just old age.” Bring these changes to the attention of your veterinarian.
  • Take your pet for regular veterinary checkups. The current guidelines recommend annual visits for younger pets and more frequent visits as your pet ages. Early detection of disease can mean all the difference in extending the life of your pet.
  • Keep your pet mentally and physically active. Use feeding toys to challenge your pet to “hunt” for her food. Consider low-impact exercises for your dog, such as swimming. Exercise your dog or cat on a regular basis.

This article first appeared in Dr. Hohenhaus' blog on the Animal Medical Center's website. Dr. Hohenhaus is on staff at the hospital, based in New York City.

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