Is Victoria Beckham Designing Dog Dresses Now?

Victoria Beckham Twitter Picture of Harry in Dress
Credit: victoriabeckham, Twitter
Is a line of doggie dresses the next step in Victoria Beckham's fashion career?

Victoria Beckham lives a notoriously posh life, and that lifestyle extends both to the fashion icon's friends and their dogs! Beckham and her family are big dog lovers -- they have a Bulldog named Coco, and Beckham has tweeted several pictures of her pals' adorable pooches. But the most recent tweet featuring her friend's Poodle, Harry, has gotten dog fanciers and fashionistas alike talking: Harry is all dolled up in one of Beckham's designs.

So what was the occasion? "Harry got his teeth cleaned and now is super loving himself in one of my dresses!!!! X" Beckham wrote.

It's a good thing Harry is just a little Poodle, because as slim as Posh is, a plumper pooch could develop a real complex trying to fit into one of her frocks.

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