Japan Gets First Uniformed Police Cat

Iemon the Japanase Police Cat
振り込め詐欺:猫の駐在さんが防止に一役 京都 [毎日]
Iemon is the first Japanase police cat. He helps fight fraud and comforts locals all while donning an adorable uniform.

A cat in cute clothes is tough to resist. Police in Kyoto's Miyazu City must have known this when they rescued a two-week-old stray and decided he needed to help fight crime. The helpful feline, dubbed Iemon (Ee-eh-mon) spends most of his time atop the service counter at Yoro Station, but he also helps fight fraud.

According to Gawker, elderly people in Japan are often targets of a scam where criminals call pretending to be their sons and ask for large sums to money to be wired. Iemon's job is to accompany the sergeant on duty when he visits local residents to caution against fraudulent. The cat's presence helps put the anxious at ease as they report these suspicious calls.


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