Jennifer Lawrence Saves Katherine Heigl’s Dog

Jennifer Lawrence saves Katherine Heigl's dog

On Thursday, actress Katherine Heigl was in her New York City hotel room getting ready for a day of promoting her new TV show, “State of Affairs.” The actress, who plays a presidential advisor in the show, has several dogs. One of them, Gertie, goes everywhere with her. Gertie "gets really upset and nervous if she can't see me or hear me,” Heigl says. So, when Heigl went to use the facilities in her mom’s hotel room because there were so many people in her own room, Gertie snuck out to try to find her. Luckily, another actress happened to be in the hallway and rescued Gertie. "We heard this voice from the hallway, 'Whose dog is this? Somebody lost their dog!' " she recalled. "So my mom goes out and it's Jennifer Lawrence who has my dog." Heigl was grateful to Lawrence, but disappointed that it all happened so quickly that she didn’t get to meet the Hunger Games actress herself. “State of Affairs” debuts on NBC tonight at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT. — Read it at People Pets

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