Jude Law and Radiohead Team Up to Raise Awareness About Polar Bears

Get your tissues out. In a recent video by Greenpeace, a homeless polar bear wanders the grimy, traffic-filled streets of London while Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead, sings a somber, mournful song in the background.

When the polar bear slumps onto a tree surrounded by litter, actor Jude Law narrates: “As the arctic melts, the rush to exploit its resources is starting. Nobody will listen to her, but they’ll listen to you. Join the movement. Save the Arctic.”

The celebrities chose to spread this message because oil companies will begin exploratory drilling off the coast of Alaska this summer and worry about how it will affect the environment in the Arctic.

“I stand with hundreds of thousands of others who think the area should be made into a sanctuary,” Jude Law told Greenpeace.


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