Kardashian Clan Welcomes Another Puppy

If the Kardashian family adds any more pets, the four-legged stars are soon going to outnumber their famous humans! Maybe then they'll get their own reality show. (Hey, a girl can dream!) Kendall Jenner, 16, recently tweeted a photo from a New York fashion shoot she had with sister Kylie Jenner and a tiny pup named Adam. According to PeoplePets, the dog is Kylie's new pet.

"Adam and Kendall take NYC," Kendall posted with the picture, no doubt playing off of the title of her half-sisters' upcoming show, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

The adorable Adam joins a rapidly-growing cast of Kardashian animals. Last month, rapper Kanye West gave girlfriend Kim Kardashian a white Persian kitten, which she named Mercy — after one of West's songs. And just two weeks ago, the celebrity family introduced Jackson Odom Jenner, an Australian Shepherd mix puppy who belongs to Kendall, Kylie and older sister Khloé. At the rate they're going, we're anticipating the premiere of the Kardashian Family Zoo any day now.


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