Karl Lagerfeld’s Kitten Has It All

Karl Lagerfeld tweeted this photo of his kitten, Choupette, playing with an iPad.

We already knew the famous fashion house he works for was luxurious. But now we know that Chanel icon Karl Lagerfeld has even created a designer lifestyle for his 9-month-old kitten. Choupette belonged to a French model — until Lagerfeld got ahold of her at Christmas time. After the designer babysat for the kitty for a few weeks, he “refused to give her back,” he said in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD).

Lagerfeld readily admitted that the cat sleeps on her own pillow and eats at the table with him, reported ABC News. He’s even tweeted a photo of her playing with an iPad, with the caption “iPet.”

Someday, we may know even more details about Choupette’s charmed life: Lagerfeld is toying with the idea of making a book out of the detailed diaries being kept by the cat’s two maids about what she does every day.

“When I am not there, the maids take down, in little books, everything she did, from what she ate, to how she behaved, if she was tired, and if she wasn’t sleeping,” he told WWD.

He doesn’t want to miss a beat in the life of his “famous beauty.”


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