Katie Holmes and Suri Enjoy a Day at the Zoo

Katie Holmes and Suri
Turgeon/Steffman/Splash News
Katie Holmes, Suri and grandma Kathleen Holmes watch the penguins swimming at the Central Park Zoo.

Even with all the drama and media attention about her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes took the time to spend the day with 6-year-old Suri at the Central Park Zoo in New York on Wednesday. The actress and her daughter, along with grandma Kathleen Holmes, enjoyed feeding the goats and alpacas and watching the penguins swim. Suri was well-mannered at the zoo and even shared the feed for the petting zoo animals with the other kids, reports PeoplePets.

So which animal was Suri’s favorite? According to Us Weekly she seemed to enjoy the penguins the most. "She was standing on the ledge with her face pressed to the glass," an observer told Us Weekly, "When a penguin swam up, Suri screamed playfully, and she and Katie laughed."


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