Ke$ha Dubs New Kitten Mr. Peep$

After announcing last Monday via Twitter that someone handed her a kitten through a car window — at a "gnarly strip club" — pop singer Ke$ha has been tweeting pics of the Siamese bundle of joy and asked fans to help name the fur ball. She even Tweeted a pic of a crayon-written list of possible names. Even though Mr. Peep$ was fourth on her list behind, Vladimir Putin, Dave Grohl and Penguin, it seems that Mr. Peep$ won out. Ke$ha is clearly crazy about Mr. Peep$ and has been Tweeting about him all week. She even noted a little jealousy for his catlike ways when she Tweeted, "I wish I was a cat so I could wag my tail and bite people +it would be totally socially acceptable."

We wish these two luck, and can't wait to see if her new work features any catspiration!


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