Kitty Lit: 6 Great Cat Crime Reads

Cats are mysterious creatures. With their penetrating eyes, silent steps and hiding spots, they'd make great feline sleuths — which is perhaps why there are a slew of cat detective stories out there.

Here's the scoop on six new kitty page-turners worth investigating.

Category: Feline Detective Tag Team

When The Big Cat Nap hits shelves in April, Rita Mae Brown (and her feline coauthor Sneaky Pie) will have been writing about the sleuthing kitty duo of Mrs. Murphy and Pewter for 20 years. This time, their human companion, Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen, discovers the town mechanic dead.

Bonus: Brown’s nineteenth mystery novel, Hiss of Death, in which Harry goes into the hospital and discovers a well-liked nurse murdered, comes out tomorrow.

Category: Kitty Noir

Clea Simon’s pet noir tale, Cats Can’t Shoot (out in April), follows animal psychic Pru Marlowe and her trusty feline friend, Wallis, as the duo investigates a feline felony: A Persian cat supposedly shoots an owner by stepping on the gun with her paw.

Category: Cat Fashion Caper

Pet sitter Dixie Hemingway is hired by Cupcake Trillin to watch his kitties — but instead finds herself entangled in a counterfeit fashion scheme in Blaize Clement's The Cat Sitter’s Pajamas.

Category: Family Crime-Fighting Duo

In File M for Murder: A Cat in the Stacks Mystery, by Miranda James, college librarian Charlie Harris is thrilled that his daughter Laura will be a visiting professor on campus — until her playwright ex-boyfriend winds up dead and she’s the prime suspect. Harris and his cat, Diesel, are tasked with clearing her name.

Category: Feline Foodie Mystery

In Marion Babson's No Cooperation From the Cat: A Mystery (out March 27), cookbook author Martha is rushing to meet her deadline, when a mysterious man informs her that the book’s original author was poisoned during a tasting. When yet another guest winds up dead, it's clear that Martha’s mother, Trixie, her friend Evangeline, and Cho-Cho-San, a Japanese bobtail, must solve the murder.

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