Kobe Bryant Gives Sneakers to Kids Who Guessed Dog’s Name

While he was benched with a shoulder injury at the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night, some kids sitting near Kobe Bryant asked him about his dog. So, he made them an offer. “They wanted to know what the name of my pet dog was so I gave them a clue,” Bryant told The Denver Post. “I said, ‘It’s in a [Harry] Potter film.’ So every time, they threw out like 15 names. The deal was if they got it, I’d give them my shoes. And they got it.” The black Labrador Retriever’s name is Crucio, which is a reference to one of the three Unforgivable Curses in the series. The Lakers delivered on his promise, taking off his shoes and signing them before giving them to the young fans. — Read it at Time


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