Lauren Conrad's Puppy Wins the Internet

Some celebrities use social media to make obnoxious, self-promoting statements. Others use it to publicly humiliate another starlet with whom they're currently feuding. We have to say, we really like Lauren Conrad's approach: Use it to tweet the world's cutest pictures of the puppy you just adopted from the shelter.

The new puppy, Fitz, has not only won over LC's 1.3 million Instagram followers but, if these photos are any indication, he also seems to be a big hit with the reality star and author's 4-year-old Lab mix, Chloe. Which photo is your favorite?

Lauren Conrad's Cute New Puppy

LC found puppy love.
Fitz meets Chloe.
Puppy paws!
Laundry day!
Chloe has a Mini Me!

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