Learn the Labrador Alphabet

Labrador Alphabet
Sea Dog Press via Felt & Wire Shop

You know those crazy positions your dog finds herself in? With three legs in one direction, her head and foot pointing the opposite way, and one ear pointing straight up in the air? Have you ever seen ... something else in that form? Leslie Evans was inspired by her Lab, Morgan, while taking a book arts class. She was assigned to make an alphabet and was considering a few ideas at her desk when she noticed Morgan laying in the shape of an F. Not long afterward, Morgan shifted into a J, and Evans knew how she wanted to complete her assignment.

"The original alphabet was designed as a small accordion book, but I wanted to show the alphabet as a whole, so then I developed the poster," Evans says. It is also available as an address book, featuring the pup posing in a variety (27, to be exact) of stances. Each is equal parts adorable and familiar, making the art itself utterly charming.

The image shown here is just a sampling of the poster; missing are a few of our favorite letters, like the oh-so-familiar Y, and S, which we're actually witnessing here in our office right now. And, our favorite of them all? The bonus exclamation point. Check it out; we think you'll agree.

Black Morgan, A Labrador Poster, $15 at Felt & Wire Shop.

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