Lioness in China Gives Birth to Rare Tigon Cubs

Lions and tigers and . . . tigons? Oh, my!

This raw video just released by the Associated Press shows a baby tigon — dad is a male tiger and mom is a female lion — running around with his purebred lion sibling.

According to China Daily, the lioness gave birth to three cubs at the Yancheng Safari Park of Changzhou on Dec. 26, but the female tigon twin died shortly after birth. Tigons usually have a lion's head and a tiger's body.

Tian Xiuhua, director of the China Wildlife Conservation Association, told the newspaper that tigons have a much lower survival rate than ligers (hybrids produced by a male lion and a female tiger) because "it's more dangerous for a lioness to give birth than it is for a tigress, and the cubs have gene defects."


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