Little Chick Has a Very Big Job

Red crowned crane chick
Dennis Dow / Woodland Park Zoo

At only 2 months old, the Woodland Park Zoo’s newest red-crowned crane chick is already serving a very important role — he’s an ambassador for endangered cranes facing habitat loss and life-threatening conflicts with humans in the Amur Basin of Northeast Asia.

The Seattle, Wash., zoo teamed up with Muraviovka Park for Sustainable Land Use and the International Crane Foundation through the zoo's Partners for Wildlife program to help bring back the dwindling population of red-crowned cranes in their native habitat.

“Muraviovka Park gives red-crowned cranes a chance to flourish; it’s a safe haven for them to breed, nest and raise their young,” says Fred Koontz, vice president of field conservation for the Woodland Park Zoo.

By the looks of this adorable fluffy chick, we can tell that he’s going to do a tremendous job representing his species.


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