Little Rock Zoo Reveals Tiger Cubs’ Names

Four Malayan tiger cubs were born at the Little Rock Zoo in November.
Little Rock Zoo

Four Malayan tiger cubs who were born at the Little Rock Zoo in November started off the new year by getting their names. Three males and one female cub were born on Nov. 12 to parents Suhana and Liku.

The zoo solicited ideas for names of Southeast Asian origin for just one of the males, but as the tiger keepers sifted through the 500 entries, they found two that they liked.

For the first male, they chose Liem, which has Vietnamese origins and means “sincere, honest or genuine.” It was submitted to the zoo by two different individuals.

The second male was named Eko, which is Indonesian and means “first child.” The cubs are the first litter for their parents.

The keepers came up with the name for the third boy, Olan, themselves. Of Thai origin, the name means “great.”

And the lone girl in the group was named Asmara, which is Indonesian for “love.”

The zoo says all four cubs are growing strong. Malayan tigers are endangered, with only an estimated 500 left in the wild.

Below, check out a must-see video of one of the tiny cubs sneezing at just a few weeks old.


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