London Penguins Say Summer Is on Its Way

ZSL Penguin on scale
ZSL London Zoo

Here in America, the most famous predictor of the seasons is, of course, Punxsutawney Phil. But across the pond in England, some prognosticating penguins are ready to give the groundhog a run for his money.

The 50 residents of the ZSL London Zoo's Penguin Beach — England’s largest penguin pool — have started packing on the pounds in preparation for their annual summer molt.

"While most people put themselves on a strict diet in preparation for a summer on the beach, penguins are the exact opposite and do everything they can to fatten themselves up," said Adrian Walls, the zoo's head of birds, in a release.

Once a week, the penguins each hop onto a scale before hitting the pool for their morning swim. And lately, their more plump shape is a definite sign that warmer weather is coming in England — and that the penguins will shed their old feathers and grow a new set, just in time for summer.


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