Lost Pet Tech: Comparing Cat and Dog Tracking Collars

GPS With Network Communication

These collars use GPS to locate the dog and send the signal to your receiver. They are best for large areas, but require monthly fees, and their signal may be restricted by the network provider.

Loc8tor GPS collar
Credit: Loc8tor

Loc8tor GPS Tracker

The Loc8Tor GPS Tracker is Loc8tor's entry into the GPS/network communication market. It's an all-purpose A-GPS locator that can also be attached to your pet's collar. Unlike most other GPS collars, it's not tied to one network provider but instead roams. For this reason it may be the locator of choice for frequent travelers, especially to other countries (although the manufacturer specifies a couple of countries where it doesn't yet work).

Cost: $140
Subscription fee: $199 per year.
Range: Unlimited.
Transmitter:2.1 ounces. Water resistant (can "withstand the occasional splash").
Battery life:3 to 14 days (9 months in battery save mode).
Pluses:Boundary alert. Panic button. Motion sensor alert. No service contract. Roaming SIM means it's not dependent on one network. Works in most countries.
Minuses: Subscription fee is on the higher end. Transmitter may not be as water resistant as some others. No multi-pet discounts.

Garmin GTU 10
Credit: Garmin

Garmin GTU 10

The Garmin GTU 10 is actually a multipurpose locator designed for pets, people and possessions. It allows you to view a history of your pet's locations (so you can see if the dog walker really walked him). For an additional fee, it can even alert you if he exceeds a certain speed (like someone speeding off with him in their car).

Cost: $199.99 (includes one year of standard GPS tracking).
Subscription fee: $49.99 per year (additional $4.99 for Deluxe plan).
Range:AT&T coverage area (Rogers in Canada).
Transmitter:Transmitter hangs in pouch from collar by means of a clip. Transmitter weight is 1.7 ounces.
Battery life:1 day to 1 month (depending on operation mode chosen).
Pluses:Wide range. Virtual boundaries.
Minuses: Dog must be in an AT&T basic coverage area. No multi-pet discounts. Does not fit snug to collar.

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