Louisiana Family Fights to Save Pit Bull

A petition to allow a Moreauville, Louisiana, family to keep its beloved Pit Bull, Zeus, has quickly gotten more than 140,000 signatures. The petition calls for the village to reverse a “vicious dog” ban against Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. The ordinance was passed in October, and the Armand family says they received a letter saying that Pit Bull type dogs found with in the city limits after Dec. 1 will be "impounded and transported to a veterinary clinic for further disposition.” Joanna Armand says Zeus provides support for her seven children, especially her daughter O'Hara, who suffers seizures and from severe neck problems and uses a Halo brace and a wheelchair. The family says their requests for the village to consider their special circumstances have been denied. The ASPCA recommends breed-neutral laws that focus on owners taking responsibility for their dogs, and the White House has also signaled it opposes breed-specific legislation. — Read it at CNN

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