Lucky 13: Doberman in Britain Has Huge Litter

Record-breaking Doberman puppies
Lee Sanders / SWNS

During a visit to the vet, a couple from England was told that their 2-year-old Doberman was expecting six puppies. But, as it turned out, they were underestimating.

Instead, supermom Gina delivered a whopping 13 puppies over the course of nine hours. Her brood is now 5 weeks old and healthy, reported the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Owners Mark and Olga Holtom said they left home for an hour last month, and returned to find that their family pet — who they bred with an award-winning dog named Storm — had given birth to three puppies.

After another six hours of helping Gina, the Holtoms had a total of nine puppies on their kitchen floor.

By then, things slowed down, and they thought their job was done. Mark headed out to meet his friends for drinks. When he returned two hours later, his wife delivered some news: There were four more puppies.

Meet Tempest, Zephyr, Hale, Alize, Blizzard, Aiolos, Aurora, Kazahana, Auster, Talvi, Storm, Istas and Amaya-A. The Holtmans gave most of the puppies names related to weather and other natural phenomena, in honor of their dad, Storm. Mark, who works in IT, named the last two after computer programs.

Although mom was exhausted after her marathon labor, Mark told the Daily Mail that she’s been “very calm and motherly, licking (her puppies) and feeding them.”


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