Luxury Dog Birthday Parties Are a Trend — but Here’s How to Throw One on a Budget

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Hiring a planner is just one option; there are also pet service companies around the country that offer parties. Unleashed by Petco, for example, has different types of parties at many of its 128 locations.

Courtesy of Canine Cabana

Riverview, Florida-based Canine Cabana offers doggie day care and lodging — and having a birthday party is one of the extra activities owners can select for their dogs.

The $195 price tag includes the birthday dog’s day care, invitations, the cake, a photographer and two additional staff members for the party, decorations, party supplies and goodie bags. The photographer even puts the pictures on the owner’s Facebook page.

“We try to handpick the guest list based on whom the dog enjoys playing with,” says co-owner Angela Frazier, who met her fellow co-owner while they were zookeepers at Busch Gardens. The staff handles the RSVPs for the 10 friends the birthday dog can invite. The guests are all also there for day care when they attend.

“It’s gotten definitely more popular lately — we’ve had at least one a week,” Frazier says about the parties.

Toby, an Australian Shepherd, celebrated his third birthday last month with his third Canine Cabana party. Frazier says Toby is the “popular kid on the block” who gets invited to everyone else’s birthday parties, too.

His owner, Michael LeCuyer, works from home and takes Toby to day care a couple of times a week so he can focus on work.“I know the dogs have fun,” LeCuyer says. “For me, I don’t care about the price. Other people might be cringing. They make a cake, they do party favors. Last year I had one dog that couldn’t make it but sent a gift along! They’re very serious about their parties.”

LeCuyerfigures Toby is now about 21 in dog years, so this was likely his last big birthday party. But his younger sister, Elle, turns 1 in November, so Toby will be passing on the party hat for her birthday bash.

Although dogs have parties at all ages, Barkley Square’s Robertson says the biggest parties she's planned have been for puppies turning 1, followed by seniors turning 10.

No matter the age of your dog or the size of your budget, the entertainment the parties provide seems priceless.

“It’s something fun to do that brings people together,” Robertson says. “It’s really a happy environment all around. It’s a dog’s party, but honestly, the humans are having quite a bit of fun themselves.”

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