Lynx Triplet Kittens Step Out at U.K. Zoo

Lynx kitten at the Whipsnade Zoo
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Three little girls are melting hearts at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo outside of London. Born in June, the trio of European Lynx kittens have been hidden away in their cozy den, but are now learning that a whole world awaits them outside.

They’ve begun to venture out on their own, exploring their yard and playing hide-and-seek in the long grass.

“Mum’s doing a sterling job of looking after all three kittens,” said senior keeper Carole Day.

The three have come a long way since their birth, when the tiny predators were blind and helpless. Weighing between 8.5 and 15 ounces, it will take the rare kittens about two years to reach their adult size.

Get a glimpse of one of the girls out exploring in the cute video below.


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