Make a Stylish Point With This Hedgie Pullover

Credit: Anthropologie

What is it about hedgehogs that makes them so irresistible? It must be the sweet little face poking out from that prickly exterior. Regardless, we've found ourselves drawn to everything hedgie lately, and the Fluffed Hedgie Pullover from Anthropologie is our newest obsession. The cotton sweater by Monogram is comfy and casual enough to be paired with jeans, but could also be dressed up with a skirt for a date-night outfit that's full of whimsy. The soft fabric contrasting with the spiky quills in the design is sure to get a second (or even third) look.

For best results, this item should be handwashed (and in our closets!).

Fluffed Hedgie Pullover, $98 at Anthropologie.

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