Mama Cat Tracks Down Her Kittens

A determined mother cat has been reunited with her kittens at a veterinary clinic in New Zealand. When staff members arrived at the Mill Road Vet Clinic for work last Wednesday, they discovered a box with four kittens who were about 3 or 4 weeks old on the doorstep. They brought the babies inside, set them up in incubators and bottle-fed them. Early the next morning, the staff was surprised when they saw a tabby cat trying to get in through the clinic’s doors. "Cats don't usually bring themselves to the vet," said Dr. Julie Wills. When they picked her up, they discovered she was a nursing mom, and suspected the kittens belonged to her. "We introduced her to the kittens and it was just immediately evident that she was their mum. She climbed in and all the kittens just latched on straight away," Wills said. She said the cat may have been in the box with the kittens and then climbed out before they were brought inside. The mom and her family will be available for adoption in a few weeks. — Read it at New Zealand’s 3News

Kitten Update: Mummy-Cat & her kittens are being fostered by a family member of one of our staff, who lost their cat a while ago & Hills Pet Food have kindly sponsored them.

Posted by Mill Road Vet Clinic on Monday, October 19, 2015


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