Manny Pacquiao’s Four-Legged Training Buddy

Manny Pacquiao is not only a star boxer; he’s a politician, singer, actor and most importantly, a dog lover.

The fighter, who is a national treasure in his native Philippines, is known for surrounding himself with supporters. A lot of them. It's been said that he has "most ridiculous entourage in sport's history," including a towel guy who dries off Pacquiao's legs after he exercises and a friend who chooses which flavor of Gatorade he'll drink. But the most important member of this extensive team may be the boxer's Jack Russell Terrier named Pacman, which also happens to be the boxer’s nickname in the ring.

Little Pacman helps his owner train for matches by joining Pacquiao on morning runs and even provides extra resistance when the boxer does sit-ups and push-ups, reports The Wall Street Journal.

As Pacquiao prepares for his June 9 fight against Timothy Bradley, he’ll have his four-legged sidekick to help him get in tip-top shape even though the pooch isn't as svelte as he used to be.

"He's getting old. He's become fat," Pacquio told The Wall Street Journal. But that isn't stopping Little Pacman.

With his dog’s help, Pacquiao has a good chance of winning this week’s match-up. According to The Wall Street Journal, since the boxer got the pup and started training with him, he hasn’t lost a single fight.


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