Marilyn Monroe: Icon and Legendary Pet Lover

Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's passing, and while we know that the world lost a great pop culture icon that day, plenty of people aren't aware that we also lost a passionate animal lover.

"I like animals," Monroe confessed to reporters. "If you talk to a dog or a cat, it doesn't tell you to shut up."

The actress cared for many critters throughout her life, including a spaniel named Ruffles and Mitsou, a white Persian cat. She also shared a Basset Hound named Hugo with her playwright husband, Arthur Miller.

Photographers also captured Monroe playing in the yard with her dog, Josepha the Chihuahua, as well as cuddling Maf, a Toy Poodle that she received from crooner Frank Sinatra.

Monroe didn't mind sharing the spotlight with her furry co-stars, either — like a chimpanzee named Ester who appeared alongside the actress in Monkey Business. (You can see the duo in this trailer for the 1952 film.)

And a makeup artist took a photo of Monroe posing calmly (at least, we think!) with a pair of bears rummaging through trashcans while on the set of River of No Return in Alberta, Canada.

Another fascinating animal clip was captured on the set of Something's Got to Give, which Monroe was filming with Dean Martin when she died. The studio abandoned the project, but the below outtake survived. Didn't this misbehaving Cocker Spaniel realize that he was in the presence of the great Marilyn Monroe?!


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