Meatball-Loving Bear Returns to L.A. Town

A bear who was caught snacking on Costco meatballs and other delicious grub in Glendale, Calif., last April recently returned to his favorite haunt — just in time for barbecue season. Despite warnings that he is a wild animal and shouldn’t be fed or antagonized, the bear’s homecoming is causing lots of excitement amongst local residents.

One resident, Kelly Macdonald was playing fetch with her Labrador retriever when she spotted the bear and let out cries of sheer delight. “They were not screams of fear but of excitement,” she told the Crescent Valley Weekly. “We grabbed our cameras.” She then proceeded to snap photos of the furry foodie.

The beloved black bear even has a name, Meatball (of course) — and a Twitter account, @theglendalebear, complete with meatball wallpaper.

Meatball isn’t the only epicurean bear in the Glendale area. According to the L.A. Times, a different bear was recently spotted nomming on chicken, rice and baklava. Sounds delicious.


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