Meet the Pets of Architectural Digest

Every time we try to take a picture of a newly rearranged room or a beautiful piece of furniture we just brought home, our pets photobomb the shoot. Every. Single. Time. Now, we just plan for it and figure out the best spot for Spot, lure him there with some treats and get on with taking our photos.

The folks at Architectural Digest figured this out long ago, and recently featured a slideshow of some positively gorgeous rooms and the equally stunning animals who live in them. We've got a few to share here, but be sure to head over to AD for the full experience! It's one that lovers of animals and design will drool over.

The Pets of Architectural Digest

Credit: Scott Frances, Architectural Digest

Hamming It Up in the Hamptons

Jerry the Goldendoodle belongs to actress Candice Bergen and real-estate developer and philanthropist Marshall Rose, and this pup clearly knows how to lounge in luxury! This shot, originally seen in the April 2007 issue, shows him on the rear porch of Bergen and Rose's East Hampton home.

Credit: Roger Davies, Architectural Digest

True Art Hounds

Molly (left) and Puppy might have come from humble beginnings as rescue dogs, but in the August 2012 issue, the pampered pooches were pictured with works of art by Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha and Jasper Johns.

Credit: Ken Hayden, Architectural Digest

Picture Purr-fect

Emma, the Siamese cat pictured here in a David Kleinberg–designed Manhattan apartment, wasn't the only four-legged member of the family to make her way into the June 2011 issue. Bruce the Bulldog mugged for the camera just down the hall.

Credit: William Waldron, Architectural Digest

Window Watchers

Gallery owner Sean Kelly and his wife clearly know a good thing when they see it, so it's no wonder they have two adorable terriers: Molly (left) and Finnegan. They really add a little something to the view from the Hudson Valley retreat in this shot for the November 2011 issue, don't you think?

Credit: Miguel Flores-Vianna, Architectural Digest

Lab of Luxury

Could there be a more fitting dog for longtime Ralph Lauren protégé Alfredo Paredes and writer Brad Goldfarb than the majestic Sid, a Labrador Retriever? It's no surprise he was featured in the April 2012 issue; he's a perfect complement to the decor!

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