Meow Mix Brings Back Classic Jingle

Jingle lovers, rejoice! One of the best-loved and most-memorized commercials of all time, Meow Mix, is making a comeback after a 16-year hiatus, to mark the launch of the brand's new Tender Centers cat food.

What's that? It's still so fresh in your mind that you feel like you've heard it more recently? Like, say, within the last year and a half? You're not alone — a recent survey of pet owners showed that 81 percent of respondents thought they'd heard the tune within the last 18 months. It also showed that 50 percent of respondents could remember most, if not all, of the lyrics, and 15 percent said their cat could recognize the jingle.

In fact, the Meow Mix jingle is so recognizable, it comes second only to the Oscar Meyer song!

Other surprising stats spoke to the incredible bond between cats and their owners, with 31 percent of the people saying they'd rather talk to their cat after a long day than to another family member or loved one, and 33 percent asserting that they communicate better with their cat than with their significant other. Even more — 39 percent — think their cat is better able to pick up on their mood than a romantic partner. Me-ouch!

On a lighter note, owners were given the names of eight celebrities (plus an "other" option) and asked to choose which star they imagine their cat would sound like if he or she could speak. Ellen DeGeneres took 18 percent of the vote, and Fran Drescher came away with 13 percent. Sean Connery garnered 12 percent of the vote, while 9 percent went to Kathie Lee Gifford and 8 percent to Jay Leno.

However, a whopping 20 percent of respondents went with "other," which made us wonder what our readers would say. So, here's your chance: What celebrity do you think your kitty's inner voice sounds most like?

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