Meredith Vieira Gets Pied for Shelter Animals

Animal activist and former NBC correspondent Jill Rappaport is putting a new twist on the incredibly successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Late last month, she kicked off Pies 4 Paws, challenging people to take a pie to the face — and of course share video of it on social media. Participants are encouraged to donate to the ASPCA — or to adopt a pet from a local shelter. She already has support from one former colleague: dog lover Meredith Vieira. The Today special correspondent shared a video where her daughter, Lily, smashes a cream pie in her face — and gives some to her dog, Jasper, too. Vieira then extended the challenge to Howard and Beth Stern, Betty White and her former co-anchor, Matt Lauer. We’ll be watching for their videos! — Read more at People Pets


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