Michael Phelps Wants to Teach His Dog to Swim

Not all dogs like to swim, but when your owner is a 14-time Olympic gold medalist, you've got to at least give the pool a try. Michael Phelps' rescue dog, Stella, is going to learn to swim soon, Phelps' mother told Today.com. The Baltimore swimmer met the Catahoula Leopard Dog mix back in November, when she was featured on the Today Show as an adoptable pet. Phelps happened to be on set that day and lent a hand walking the dog — prompting lots of teasing about whether he was in the puppy market.

Turns out he was. Phelps, who also owns a Bulldog named Herman, ended up adopting Stella after the show. Now he tweets plenty of pictures of his pups hanging out, of course, by the water.


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