Michigan Judge Adopts Blind Pug

Here’s an adoption story that’s sure to make you smile. Mikey, a special-needs Pug, has quickly adjusted to life with Sabrina Johnson, a district court judge in Michigan. It’s a happy ending after a tough start for Mikey. When he was surrendered to the Michigan Humane Society last year, he was suffering from severe glaucoma that left him blind and caused him extreme pain. Veterinarians there decided the best course of action was to remove his eyes, and he was soon happy and healthy. On March 20, Johnson adopted him through Michigan Pug Rescue, a partner of the shelter. “No one knows he’s blind until I tell them,” Johnson says in a new video about Mikey’s adoption. He often visits the courthouse with her, and has become a favorite of the police officers who work there. “He really has taught me how to live life … he brightens everyone’s day, he really does.” — Read it at the Michigan Humane Society


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