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Dog trainer Mikkel Becker and her dog Willy
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Mikkel Becker

Mikkel Becker is a certified trainer specializing in dogs and cats, co-author of five books in the "Ultimate Pet Lover" series, and the resident trainer for Vetstreet.com.

In her professional work, Becker uses positive reinforcement and non-force training strategies based in scientific learning theory. She is an honors graduate of the rigorous and prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers at the San Francisco SPCA, a graduate of the Purdue University Dogs and Cats course, and a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy.

Becker also completed an internship at the Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic with Dr. Nicolas Dodman and Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil, is a certified professional dog trainer through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and a certified dog behavior consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She has also interned at Jungle Island, specializing in orangutan care, training and enrichment.

Knowing that health and behavior go hand in hand, Becker works with veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists as a team to address behavior issues in animals. She is currently the resident trainer for veterinary behaviorist Dr. Wailani Sung in the Seattle area, where she partners with Dr. Sung on consultations to address behavioral issues.

As the daughter of Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian," it was pretty much a given that Mikkel would choose a career working with animals, and it’s been a gift for father and daughter to work together in media, in the lecture circuit and in practice within the veterinary hospital. The father-daughter team is currently working together to develop and implement strategies to take the fear out of veterinary visits for pets.

A resident pet expert for Scholastic Magazine, Mikkel has been a contributing author for Parade magazine, Knight Ridder newspapers, Woman’s Day, House and Home and Cat Fancy magazines. Becker was the featured trainer for ABC News Now, and did regular segments on Good Morning Northwest. She currently does frequent media interviews for various platforms, including KOMO News in Seattle.

Helping shelter pets both find and remain in a forever home is another important part of Becker’s mission. As the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation's canine evaluator for Washington state, she tours shelters looking for homeless dogs to turn into lifesaving search dogs. She also is the dog and cat behavior consultant at Homeward Pet Animal Adoption Center in Woodinville, Washington, where she helps pet owners solve behavior issues and prevent surrender.

In addition to her veterinary and media work, Becker teaches dog training classes at Doggy Haven Resort, including solidifying better manners, easing fears, calming out-of-control pets, and working toward therapy certification. Her work at Doggy Haven includes the formation of special training and seminars on how to boost a dog’s confidence and lower stress in veterinary environment, at the groomer and while being boarded.

Horses are a great love for Mikkel, who has been active in the Quarter Horse show circuit, securing three Canadian National championship titles in Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle.

She now lives in the Seattle area with her husband, Ben, her daughter, Reagan, and their Pugs Willy and Bruce. Willy is a Pet Partners-certified therapy dog who helps Becker demonstrate the importance of safe interactions for dogs and children, and also visits the elderly and those in need of emotional help.

For media or training inquiries, contact Becker at Mikkel.Becker@gmail.com.

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