Miley Cyrus and Floyd: What’s the Breed?

Miley Cyrus jogs with her dog Floyd
Miley Cyrus jogs with her dog Floyd.

It can’t be easy being Miley Cyrus – she’s certainly living under a microscope, with paparazzi photographing her every move -- especially since her recent engagement.

Lucky for dog lovers, Miley’s often spotted with her trusty pooch Floyd — whether she’s out for a run, at an event, or headed through airport security, he looks absolutely alert and adorable.

The credits that typically accompany photos of Miley and Floyd describe him as her puppy … and he sure does look like a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Husky.

But he’s neither!

Miley has owned Floyd since July 2011 — he’s over a year old, meaning he’s full-grown, and not much of a puppy anymore. (In the first photo Miley ever shared of Floyd, he was teeny-tiny!)

So What Breed is Floyd?

As it turns out, Floyd is an extremely rare and relatively new breed called the Alaskan Klee Kai. A woman from Wasilla, Alaska who wanted a more portable take on the Alaskan Husky first developed the AKKs in the 1970s, and in 1988, the American Rare Breed Association recognized it as an official breed (though the American Kennel Club still does not). Given how rare it is, the breed comes at a high cost — around $1,500-$3,000 for a puppy, according to several breeders. And given their rarity, you’ll likely wait a long time to find one at a shelter.

And as far as temperament, Floyd seems like a perfect fit for Miley’s lifestyle. The Alaskan Klee Kai is known to be a very alert, obedient and active breed – no wonder he always looks so thrilled to be hitting the trails on runs! And even though they’re small, the breed can also be great watchdogs … helpful when paparazzi are following you everywhere. Great choice, Miley!

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who are fans of Floyd. He’s got more than 22,000 Twitter followers!

Crazy for Rescuing

Floyd isn’t Miley’s only pup. The last time we counted, she had five canines total — with two being adopted in the past few months. The starlet, reports Entertainment Tonight Online, rescued a puppy outside Walmart and named him Happy and soon after, reports People Pets, she adopted another pup whom she named Mary Jane. She tweeted a photo of her most recent addition, saying, “I love rescuing.”

But it is not all fun and games with her rescues. In Marie Claire’s September 2012 issue, The singer admits that her rescued Bulldog, Ziggy, is a bit of a handful. The pooch got into the jewelry and, says Miley, “totally ate my diamonds…she was pooping them out all morning.”

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