Miranda Lambert Helps Find Homes for 40 Dogs

Miranda Lambert Helps Rescue 40 Dogs
"Dog days have begun! Come see us! Already 3 gone this mornin! Come on!!!" Lambert tweeted with this photo.

We already knew country star Miranda Lambert had a special place in her heart for rescue dogs. (She has at least six at home.) But last weekend, the singer worked to find homes for dozens of other dogs at an adoption event near her Oklahoma home.

Miranda Lambert Helps 40 Rescue Dogs
"Ok. Shutting up about it now! I'm just so excited! But talk about 'SHORT & SWEET'," she wrote with this picture.

Lambert live-tweeted her efforts on Sunday, showing her successes and encouraging more potential pet parents to come see her and her four-legged friends, reported People Pets.

“Come on people I can't take all these dogs home!” she tweeted with a picture of herself posing with a little boy and his new pet.

She also tweeted fellow country singer Brett Eldredge about an adorable puppy who’d been named for him, and shared a photo of a dog who was named after her own husband, Blake Shelton.

“Final count ... over 40 shelter dogs from Tishomingo found a forever home today! That's somethin' to smile about!” she wrote at the day’s end.

Way to go, Miranda Lambert!


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