Missing: One Gigantic Pink Dog

At 200 pounds, a bright pink, sneaker-wearing dog would seem to be hard to miss.

But the statue, one of four installed along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, Calif., has been MIA for three weeks now — and authorities don’t have any leads on its whereabouts, reported The New York Times.

The work of Belgian artist William Sweetlove, the statues were installed just before the city’s annual gay pride parade, and the pink dog disappeared from its stand sometime in the hours after that event on June 9.

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At first, police thought it was just a prank, and expected the dog to turn up quickly. City officials promised not to ask questions if it was returned unharmed.

“We assumed someone had been celebrating a little too hard and didn’t quite realize what they were doing,” Andrew Campbell, the city’s cultural affairs administrator, told the Times. “But it’s starting to leave the realm of a prank and move into the grand theft.”

The artwork is meant to showcase Sweetlove’s concern about climate change. The dogs are wearing tennis shoes to keep them from burning their paws on the warming ground.

Campbell stood guard by the statues during the pride parade, but the next morning he saw that one was missing when he drove by.

He says officials are now taking additional security measures to keep the other three statues in place while they continue to look for clues to the whereabouts of the lost dog.


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