Mobile Apps Support Pet Adoption

And through a shared Dropbox function, volunteers and workers can take photos of pets and drop them into a shared folder, andthen managers can aggregate photos of pets in their care for uploading to various sites all at one time, adding to shelter efficiency.

The basic version is free, but the upgraded version includes more sounds and customizable flyers. And you can feel good about buying this app, because 50 percent of upgrade sales is donated to animal advocacy groups, shelters and rescues.

Cost: Free for basic version; upgrade is $2.99
Platforms: iPhone and Android

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Find your perfect adoptable dog match with the BarkBuddy app.

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BarkBuddy offers users an easy way to find a new best friend at a local animal shelter or rescue. Simply download the app and select criteria for the type of pup you’re looking to adopt in your area.

As BarkBuddy delivers matches, you can designate the ones that catch your eye with just a swipe of your fingertip; BarkBuddy collects and aggregates your preferences. After a while, the app serves up more specific photos and profiles of adoptable dogs in your area based on your previous selections.

If you feel an undeniable connection with a particular dog (we all know how that happens!), you can contact the shelter or rescue where the dog is locateddirectly through the apptoset up a time to meet your future BFF.

Pulling adoptable dogs from adoption powerhouse, BarkBuddy also has a network of shelters and rescues that feed their adoptable pet databases directly to the app. You can save pets to your favorites and share adoptable cuties online via all your social networks.

Even if you aren’t looking for a pet of your own, it’s a great way for dedicated pet loversto help their local shelters or rescues promote the dogs they have available for adoption.

This concept may sound familiar to those who have used the popular dating app Tinder. It’s definitely similar, but no fleeting romances here— therelationships you find on BarkBuddy are meant to be long-term, committed ones.

Cost: Free

Platforms: iPhone and iPad
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Whether you're looking for a pal of your own or simply wantto help animal shelters find homes for more pets, look no further than the app store. Helping pets has never been easier.


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