Monday Blues? This Website Is Guaranteed to Put You in a Better Mood

Need some cheering up? This site is there for you.

It's hard work getting back into a routine after a glorious three-day weekend. Hey, it's tough even if the long weekend wasn't so glorious. But never fear! The Internet is here to cheer you up. We want to put you in a better mood with, well, Put You in a Better Mood.We can't think of anything more likely to put a smile on our faces — or yours — than a collection of adorable animal photos and gifs. Because sometimes, a picture of a lynx holding a baby bottle is the happiest thing you will see. Unless it's a pup's face in a Wookiee sketch.

What? We said it would make you smile. We never said anything about it making you more productive.

Prefer your Monday morning time sucks with a little more competitive edge? Try these games on for size.

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