Moving Day: How to Get Your Dog Ready for the Trip and His New Digs

Travel Smart: As you plan your departure, think about the weather and other travel conditions, factoring your dog’s safety and comfort into each decision that you make. Wasicek’s move coincided with a heat wave, so she took extra precautions to keep her dogs hydrated: “Each morning before I left my hotel, I filled two portable water coolers with ice water.”

Book Hotels in Advance: Pet policies vary so be sure to call the actual hotel to learn whether they accept pets and what the various charges and rules are. Specifically, be sure to also check if the hotel has a weight limit or a nonrefundable pet fee.

How to "Unpack" Your Pup

Check the Perimeter: “If you have a yard, make sure that your fencing is secure,” Wasicek cautions. “Don’t let your dogs out unsupervised until they — and you — feel secure about their new surroundings.”

Get Out and About: Familiarize your dog with his new digs as soon as you can. “I walked my dogs all over the new neighborhood, so they could get to know the sights and smells of the area,” Wasicek says. “I wanted them to be familiar with where home is in case they got lost.”

Set Up a New Routine: There are still stressful moments to come for your dog as you settle into your new home — meeting a new vet, sitter, the neighbors and local pups. Maintaining structure will help smooth the way. “If your pets understand the rules and expectations before and after the move, the new surroundings will be less stressful,” Wasicek says. “A good routine will help them adjust more quickly to their new life.”

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