My Celebrity Pet Crush: How I Love Thee Glee Star Lord Tubbington

Brittany from Glee holding Lord Tubbington
Courtesy of Fox

Mighty cat of mystery, you intrigue me.

Although he’s only appeared in a handful of Glee episodes, Lord Tubbington, the striped companion of cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce, has me smitten.

A Cat With Real Star Power

From his initial guest stint on Brittany’s “Fondue For Two” Internet talk show, it was clear to me that Lord Tubbington had a stoic-yet-roguish presence that couldn’t be denied.

According to the website Wetpaint, Lord Tubbington is played by a 4-year-old Bengal mix named Aragon. Much like T.S. Eliot’s Bustopher Jones (“He’s a 25-pounder / Or I am a bounder”), Lord Tubbington reportedly tips the scales, but he seems at ease with himself — despite a reported smoking habit and fondness for Arby’s.

When he’s not turning up in Brittany’s various video productions, he seems to spend most of his screen time relaxing.

And unlike other TV pets (say, Eddie on Frasier), Lord T. doesn’t have to turn on the cute animal shtick for most episodes, which only adds to his aura. He has an on-screen cameo every few months — and then he’s gone again.

No Need To Try Too Hard

Lord T. isn’t endowed with super powers designed to boost ratings, either, like Max the Bionic Dog on The Bionic Woman. He’s just a large cat who’s owned by a girl with an active imagination.

I can relate to that.

Apparently, so can his other fans: Lord T. has inspired Glee fan art, plus Facebook and Tumblr pages — and at least one obviously unofficial Twitter account, with some 4,000 followers.

I do worry about his weight though, and I hope that his people are aware of the health complications that come from lugging around those extra pounds.

Lord Tubbington reminds me of pets I’ve had who perhaps were loved a little too much with treats, instead of rambunctious playtime sessions — but who were always there to comfort with surplus love when you needed it.

You never really knew what they were up to when you were stuck in school all day, but that was a lot more fun to think about than geometry.

Thanks for the creative inspiration Lord Tubbington — and for just being you.

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