National Zoo on Panda Cub Watch

Excitement is building in Washington, D.C., after National Zoo officials revealed Monday that giant panda Mei Xiang is showing signs of being pregnant. They detected a secondary rise in her urinary progesterone levels on July 20. That could mean the mother of two is pregnant again — or, it could mean she’s having a false pregnancy, which is common in pandas. The staff expects her to either give birth or experience the end of a pseudopregnancy within the next 30 to 50 days. Mei was artificially inseminated on April 26 and 27 with fresh sperm from her partner at the zoo, Tian Tian, and frozen sperm from a panda living in China. Mei Xiang’s youngest cub, Bao Bao, will turn 2 years old later this month. She’s also mom to 10-year-old Tian Shan, who lives in China. — Read it from Reuters via NBC News


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