National Zoo's Panda Cub to Debut in January

Bei Bei will debut in January
Smithsonian's National Zoo via Flickr

The National Zoo’s 12.5-pound bouncing baby boy is getting ready to meet an adoring public in early 2016. The zoo announced panda cub Bei Bei will make his debut on Jan. 16.

Meanwhile, he’s busy nursing and working on his walking skills. He recently took his first steps on a rock formation in his exhibit, but getting traction on the slippery floor of the panda house has been more of a challenge. His keepers said that when he’s held by his mom, Mei Xiang, he makes a happy grunting noise to indicate he feels secure.

The Washington zoo also announced this week that its panda breeding agreement has been extended to the year 2020. — Read it at the National Zoo and see photos via Flickr


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