New App Lets Dogs Duel for Cuteness Titles

PuppyWars App
via PuppyWars

Ready to finally settle that "my dog is cuter than your dog" debate? A new app for iPhone and iPad may have just the solution. With PuppyWars, you can create a profile page of your dog's cutest pictures and best videos. Then you compete mano-a-mano with other canines to decide which dog is cuter. Users can wager "bones" on their dogs, and each time your dog wins a battle, you earn bones back.

But the app isn't just about deciding if that adorable Dalmatian puppy is cuter than the Pug dressed in a tuxedo outfit. The makers of PuppyWars are also using the game for good. When you enable your device's location services and click the "Adopt A Puppy" page, the app brings up profiles and photos of adoptable pets in your area. And if you run out of bones to wager on your dog's cuteness, you can purchase more, with 5 percent of bones purchases going to the ASPCA.

So go get battling! That Golden Retriever puppy in the sunglasses is running low on bones!


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